Career Forcus


Name of major that you have selected:       Accounting


List five (5) industries that employ graduates from this major: [*Note: The term ‘industry’ refers to the broad field]


Industries that employ graduates from this major

1.   Government Organizations

2.   Charted Accounting Firms

3.   Management Consultancies

4.   Banking and Financial Services

5.   Smaller Accounting Practices


List five (5) organizations that employ graduates from this major. [*Note: The term “organization” refers to the name of an actual company or government department]


Organizations that employ graduates from this major

1.   Vincent’s Chartered Accountants

2.   Moreton Bay Regional Council

3.   S J Compton & Associates

4.   MGI South Qld Pty Ltd

5.   Suncorp Group Limited


List one (1) web site where you may find job vacancies for this major:


Vacancy website:



List three (3) job titles for graduates from this major: [*Note: The job title refers to the name of the position you would occupy]


Job titles for graduates from this major

1.    Graduate Accountant – Insolvency & Reconstruction

2.   Team Assistant – Business Advisory

3.   Assistant Financial Accountant



List five (5) duties that a graduate from this major may perform in his/her day-to-day work: [*Note: Duties are on the job tasks such as: “Undertake research in the field of…”]


Duties a graduate from this major may perform

1.    Prepare financial statements for presentation to board of directors, management, shareholders and statutory bodies

2.   Assist with the formulation of budgetary and accounting policies

3.   Conduct financial investigations, undertake audits, prepare reports, advice on purchases and sale of businesses, insolvency, merges, financing and suspected fraud.

4.   Examine the income and expenditure of institutions

5.   Provide taxation and financial advice about business structures, plans and operations



List five (5) skills or attributes that employers might be seeking (apart from a degree) in graduates from this major: [* Note: Skills or attributes are required in order to perform the duties as described above e.g. “Well developed analytical skills “may be required in order to conduct the duty of research]


Skills or attributes required of a graduate in this major.

1.   Ability to work autonomously. Understand the operational environment and be able to adapt accordingly.  Be proactive and have integrity.

2.   Great attention to detail and logical reasoning.  Have sound decision-making skills, be able to negotiate and have strategic thinking skills.

3.   Great relationship building and communication skills working with colleagues and clients.  Be able to present the information in an easy to understand manner.

4.   Accounting technology system skills.  Are able to use finance specific software programs.

5.   Leadership abilities.  Be able to motivate and engage team leaders and ensure continuity of service to clients.