Field Research - Workplace Reflection

Interview with Kain Elsmore, Forensic Accountant at Vincents Charted Accountants

I decided to listen to an interview with Kain Elsmore a Forensic Accountant at Vincents Chartered Accountants. I chose this interview as I have an interest in learning more about forensic accounting. Although accounting is very diverse I’ve always thought that specialising in a particular area would be more interesting.

I found that I was able to relate somewhat to Kain as he was a chef for some years after school and wanted a change. I myself had decided to leave school in year 11 and started working. Over the years of doing security I decided I wanted to change my career path and looked at all the things that were available to me and chose accounting as an interest.

Kain spoke of his qualifications and his discipline of forensic accounting plus the different branches within that area. He himself predominately working in the Personal Injury in the Insurance Division assessing the financial loss sustained by an injury. He gains evidence, analyses, interprets, summarizes and presents complex financial related issues.

I also found the other branches in forensics like financial crime and securities fraud, forensic technology, bankruptcy, insolvency and others very riveting.

He indicated that after he started working with Vincents he moved up the ladder quite quickly by being an effective, hard worker. As I reflect on my own working ethics I know this to be true.
Kain also mentioned that he studied the CA program (Chartered Accountants). I have been looking into the CPA program but after listening to Kain I will be doing more research into CA to find the differences of the programs.

I also understand that the accounting field doesn’t finish with a degree but there would be more study, as Kain mentioned that you come out of University thinking that you’re an accountant but it’s not like that at all. You have an 18-month qualification component and with work place experience that’s 3 years all up. In my case it will be 2 years in the fast track program.

I appreciate that he mentioned how difficult and stressful that the Bachelor Degree can be. I have found that adjusting from work back to study is stressful and difficult as well. Re-adjusting to sitting down and studying text books can be boring at times but I know that in order to achieve my goals it just has to be done.

Last semester, I started doing group exercises and found them to be enjoyable as I am a people person and like working within a team. I got to know my peer group and made close friendships and we were able to support each other. When enhancing my work effectiveness, I know the value of asking for help. This is a critical factor in any profession for personal success.

Listening to this interview has helped me to want to internalize and carefully evaluate my study, learning and experiences. I also agree that life skills, experiences and people skills are important in the role of an accountant. As I reflect on this interview with Kain, the most valuable thing I have learned is to be persistent and never give up. I need to keep trying even though it is sometimes hard so I need to push myself in my study. I enjoy the challenges that are offered at Griffith University in the accounting program and I feel driven to do the best I can. Like Kain, I know that I can excel when I enjoy what I am doing. It has been a privilege to listen to this interview as it has made me more aware of the requirements that I need for my success.


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